On selected Jazz For Kids presentation dates... Experience the talents of the young. Get Involved! For the Love Of Music!, For the Passion Of Art! The High Note Jazz Club at Cuba Ocho...'WHERE JAZZ MEETS YOU"

The High Note Jazz Club Series...In reality where World Art, Music and Jazz are the perfect combination.

Unlike other places, our mission is not only to entertain and bring you good, honest and masterful jazz, but we aim to cultivate a new generation of jazz fans that Miami has been longing for...Miami is a World class city, where a wonderful kaleidoscope of music is breathing in the air. The High Note Jazz Club Series will keep it's palette growing, because Jazz is a unique American legacy.

So we will continue to foster this and as we do, we will contribute to charitable organizations, that love and are involved in the preservation of the Arts.

So as we continue toentertain and bring you LIVE! great shows, so too, we can guide and assist those new young talents now nurturing in the corners of South Florida...for the Love of Music, for the passion of Jazz!


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We at The High Note Jazz Club Series, beleive that every venture begins and ends with a partnership between us and our community sponsors.

It is here that art programs are created in order that we can  give back to the neighborhoods where our local music talents were born, grown and flourished. 

We will work to bring you the best Live Music Entertainment, and with our sponsors, nurture the talents of our community today, so they can be the artists and stars of tommorow.

The High Note Jazz Club Series..."

Where Jazz Meets You..."

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